Allan Detert

Senior Asset Advisor

Allan brings 40 years of experience where he has been the direct principal and/or facilitated in excess of $1 billion in real estate transactions. Allan has developed and built over $200 million in luxury real estate product; bought and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in parcels; and played an integral role in the development of more than 1,000 units of property, spanning residential, ground up, multi-family and commercial market segments. He has developed and sold more than 350,000 square feet of commercial real estate throughout his career and has built more than 100 Custom homes in some of the finest communities throughout Florida.

Allan has deep knowledge of many aspects of high-value real estate and experience across multiple asset classes we serve. When he is not focusing on real estate, he has always enjoyed yachting and has owned several vessels of significance throughout the years.

Allan knows first-hand the complexities, challenges and nuance required to complete high-valued luxury asset transactions, having personally traded yachts, fine residences and commercial developments throughout his career. His wisdom and experience have benefited the entire Idoneus economy in very tangible ways.