Alen Saitovic

Senior Advisor, Fine Art, Luxury Real Estate & Precious Gemstones

Alen’s large network across various industries such as fine art, luxury real estate and precious gemstones assists Idoneus in continuing to expand its presence in these areas.

He is the Founder and Strategic Advisor of Access Group International Ltd., which operates in a context of high-growth skills, offering consulting services to local and international Startups, SMEs and market leaders.

Alen is a seasoned businessman with over 17 years of experience. His analytical mind allows him to implement winning strategies in various fields of activity such as energy, financial transactions and fundraising.

He particularly enjoys developing business and excels in the art of negotiation, which enables him to conduct business in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Alen began his career in the field of insurance and trading which gave the impetus to build and develop an important international network.

Alen understands how to negotiate with various stakeholders, thus developing within Access Group International the possibility for companies and governments to benefit from various industrial and financial solutions. Today AGI operates in innovative industrial sectors, such as new waste treatment technologies, offering high performance solutions compatible with the environment.

Alen is in charge of setting up new partnerships with AGI. He analyzes possible synergies with major players in various fields such as luxury assets purchase and sale (gold, gems, art, real estate, etc.). Alen is well-connected to Family Offices worldwide.